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Big Body Builders on the Big Screen

Posted by Javier Jaquez on 3:35 am in Movies | Comments Off on Big Body Builders on the Big Screen

Thanks to actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Reeves, it is common to see physically fit actors take major roles in movies.

This has not always been the case however. At one time, industry bodybuilders were not taken seriously as actors and used in films only as bit parts to help with the story or for comic relief. Steve Reeves was the first to break that stereotype, and now most actors we see on TV and in movies are in great shape.

During the 1950’s and well into the ‘70’s, a body builder was considered to be a freak.

The prejudice was that these were a group of mindless men, narcissistic in nature who spent the majority of the time preening themselves in front of a mirror. They were not taken seriously in Hollywood and used only in stooge roles to look big and act intimidating.

Hercules and Steve Reeves

A well known mythological figure, it was necessary to cast an actor who had a perfectly shaped physique in this role.

Steve Reeves fit the description perfectly and he soon became a household name for his onscreen personae. Still, he was not taken seriously as an actor in Hollywood, and would never be given a role that did not market on his brawn.

Dr. Ben Casey and Muscle Beach

Another early bodybuilder success story was with Vince Edwards, a New Yorker who had taken up residence at Muscle Beach hoping to land a big movie role. Just as his hope was running out, he auditioned for the role of Dr. Ben Casey and won the lead due to his disdain. The series was a huge success, and Dr. Ben Casey with his muscle bound physique was inside of American living rooms for seven seasons.

Things got even better in the late 1970’s once Arnold Schwarzenegger landed a few movie roles.

A championship weight lifter, Arnold was known for his free weight created strength and larger than life muscles.

It was his role as Conan that got the best reviews and helped to make him a star for the next 4 decades. This paved the way for hundreds of other body builders who had their eyes on becoming a Hollywood star.

With the help of the highest end exercise equipment like adjustable dumbbells and rowing machines, their awesome physiques would help them in landing roles that called for larger men with incredible force.

Today, Hollywood is full of actors (and actresses) who are in prime physical shape, and still get the roles that put their names on billboards. Body builders images have evolved over the decades, forcing the movie executives to take them more seriously and give them active parts in film that will make them a star.

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Top 5 Comedies Of All Times!

Posted by Javier Jaquez on 10:52 am in Comedies, Movies | Comments Off on Top 5 Comedies Of All Times!

Who doesn’t like a bit of laughter! And we could all use a personal jester in order to make us laugh!

If however, this is not possible for you since you live in the 21st century, you can always rely on movies to cheer you up!

Among the hundreds of movies which can put a smile to your face, I definitely have some favorites which always manage to cheer me up.

Therefore, I have decided to share with you which movies are in my opinion deserving to be on the list of top five comedies of all times!

This of course, is just my humble opinion, but I truly hope you will enjoy this list, and perhaps watch some of these movies if you already haven’t! So let’s start with the list!

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

If you like movies about spies, Austin Powers will definitely cheer you up. Not only that it is funny, it is hilarious! If you are in the mood for some spy action, mixed with a whole lot of humor, make sure you don’t miss out of watching Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery!


Not only that the film has made international success, but the song is as famous as the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a definite must-see, a movie which you cannot allow yourself to miss out on. This hilarious comedy will remind you of how easily you can get rid of those ghosts, just call the (ta-na-na-na-na) Ghostbusters!

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Dumb and Dumber

All right, so sometimes we all feel dumb, but watching Dumb and Dumber is a slapstick which you must not miss out on! Next time you’re in doubt which movie you should see, watch Dumb and Dumber and it will definitely make your day!

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Click here to watch more


If you are a Star Wars fan, you might have probably heard of the movie called Spaceballs. If you haven’t, seriously, how could you have missed out on this movie? Quickly! Go watch Spaceballs! You will love it!

The 40 Year-Old Virgin
Here’s one of those movies which will make you laugh so hard until you try.

The 40 Year-Old Virgin is not only a film about sex but it is also about friendship.

Take a journey with this middle aged man on his journey to finally have sex for the first time in his life.

Great deal of the film was actually improvised, which only proves to show what an amazing comedian Steve Carell is.

Steel Carell was also the co-writer of the movie script, and since it was released the movie has had literally millions of fans and a ton of positive reviews.

Make sure you see it, if you haven’t seen it already!

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